01: Christmas Theme & Events
02: New Unit: 5* Ben (Priest)
03: 5* Ben Chain Pack
04: Stamina Event Rewards Increased
05: Level Cap Increased (Lv65)
06: Special Unit Summon: 5* Malone
07: SR Weapon Summon Event
08: Mileage Rewards Increased (SHR)
09: Guild World War Rewards Increased
01: New Unit: Alice (Human Tank)
02: Alice Chain Package
03: Super High Rare Gears Introduced!
04: Ultra Rare Costumes Event
05: Special Unit Summon: Executor
06: SR Necklace Summon Event
07: Wanted Event V2 Reset
01. Guild World War Introduced!
02. Guild Item Crafting Introduced!
03. Gear Bonus Attribute Introduced!
04. New Unit: Valkyrie (Human Attacker)
05. Valkyrie Chain Package
06. SR Weapon Summon Event
07. Special Unit Summon: Jason Z
08. Rock & Roll Unit Collection Event
09. UR Weapon Gear Promo Extended
10. Stamina Consumption Event Updated
11. Wanted Event v2
01. Chapter 6: Boston Unlock
02. New Units: Kirk (Human Tank) & Blade Z (Zombie DPS)
03. UR Weapon Gear Pack
04. SR Ring Summon Event
05. Japan Unit Collection Event
06. Stamina Spending Event
01. Special Gear Summon Event
02. Girl Power Unit Collection Event
03. Caroline Event Package
04. Stamina Spending Event
05. New Commander Event
06. Minor Bug Fixes
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Starting today, Mobile Gamers can register for Zombie War Z – a Strategy Action RPG game about humanity’s fight for survival against the undead hordes.
Registrants will receive Limited Edition Zombie Units, Rare Gear and Arcane Potions.
The game will be available for free on the iOS AppStore, GooglePlay and PC Emulator on October 9th, 2018.