Zombie War Z

Final Stand

Zombie War Z is a post-apocalyptic Zombie Action Strategy game.

Take command of the HDF Defense Forces, and embark on an adventure to Solve the Mystery of the Zombie Plague.

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The Closed Beta will start on 9 October 2018. Zombie War Z will launch on 23 October 2018 on the iOS AppStore, Google PlayStore and for PC Emulators.
Zombie War Z is voiced in English. Text translations are available in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia.
On Android - 2GB or more RAM, 720p or larger display, Android v4.1 or above Operating System. On iOS, iOS 9.0 or above, and iPhone 5 and above.
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Solve the Zombie Mystery

Combat the Zombie Scourge

Zombie War Z is a post-apocalyptic Zombie Action Strategy game incorporating the best parts of Side-Scrolling Shooter, Tower Defense and Base Builder games. You will take command of the HDF Defense F orces, and embark on an adventure to Rebuild a City Fortress, Rescue Civilians, Recover Territory lost to the Undead Scourge, and Solve the Mystery of the Zombie Plague.

The Undead don't play by our rules, so why should we? Convert captured Zombies to our cause, research Robot Mechs, hire Frankenstein, and use them to help save humankind! Fight in a sprawling 200 stage Single-Player Story, Steal resources in Plunder PvP, and then exert your dominance in Guild World War!

Build your Army

Recruit Heroes, Robots & Monsters

  • ADVANCE through 200 Story Battles!
  • COLLECT over 70 Heroes, Monsters & Behemoths!
  • CRAFT Gear and UPGRADE Skills!
  • BUILD and REINFORCE your Fortress!
  • DISPATCH Units on Plunder PvP!
  • CREATE or JOIN a Zombie or Human Guild!
  • FIGHT in Hero War & World Raid!
  • PARTICIPATE Guild Raids & World War!

Play Zombie War Z on the iOS AppStore, GooglePlay and PC Emulator!